Support for the Underground Church in Afghanistan

  1. 100X Harvest provided $93,500 to Uncharted Ministries in Support of the Underground Church in Afghanistan:  This fast-breaking high-risk ministry is seeing miraculous results. The stunning generosity of 100X Harvest has made so much happen. Afghans are coming to faith in Christ and those who were targeting for kidnapping, sex-slavery, and child marriage have had their lives spared! We cannot thank you enough! So far, Uncharted has been a part of:
    1. Renting and maintaining 17 Safehouses in Kabul that have turned over three times now and approximately 275 people have been evacuated out of the country to safety. Many were women, children and orphans who were targeted for sex trafficking by the Taliban. The majority of the people are followers of Christ! Uncharted is working with 2 Teams-Far Reaching Ministries and Freedom Shield who are made up of former military, special forces, and FBI and they specialize in High Risk Extractions on this project.
    2. 160 young girls who were also targeted by the Taliban into forced marriages have been successfully flown out of Afghanistan to Qatar. They will be flown to Germany where families will adopt them. Thank you, Lord! Can’t wait to see what happens to their lives over time. God has a plan for these who were freed from forced marriages t terrorists.
    3. In total, Uncharted, Far Reaching Ministries, and Freedom Shield have teamed up to rescue and deliver over 1100 Afghans into other countries were they are now safe! Many of those rescued are faithful followers of Jesus who were Muslims before they came to faith in Christ.
    4. Afghanistan was considered the 2ndfastest growing church per capita, just behind Iran before the Taliban takeover. So this begs the question: Has the church left Afghanistan completely? The answer is a resounding No!
    5. The church is fearlessly moving forward and underground churches are baptizing new believers. Some believers are serving through NGO’s who are meeting the massive humanitarian needs in the country as the Taliban has proved to no one’s surprise, that they are incapable of governing Afghanistan. The church is serving in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples: Teaching girls and young women now that it has been outlawed by the Taliban. They are also training college graduates in leadership that is Biblically based and young Muslims are very open to the gospel right now. Please pray for the leaders who risk it all for Christ!

Thank you 100x’s Harvest for you significant investment in Afghanistan and for walking shoulder to shoulder with us in the cause of Christ which is advancing in this troubled nation. We are grateful to God for the 100x’s Harvest family!

For the King and for the souls in Afghanistan, Tom

Tom Doyle
CEO and Founder – Uncharted Ministries
Reaching the Unreached – Standing with the Persecuted


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