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Uncharted Ministries: Syrian Orphans

Uncharted Ministries is taking the Gospel to the least reached among Jews and Muslims, and those off the beaten path who have no access to the GospelTelling the real stories behind the headlines of God’s amazing transforming work around the world.

The Syrian Civil war is 10 years old, and the results have been devastating. Over 22 Million people inhabited Syria in 2011 and now the UN tells us that 13.5 million have become refugees. Over half of the pre-war population have lost their homes. Arab families normally adopt children of relatives but in numerous cases, there were no remaining relatives to adopt displaced children. Syria is officially the poorest country in the world with over 83% living under the world poverty level of $2.00 a day or less. 

The Immediate Goal is to provide the children with food, clothing, school supplies, and possible relocation if they are in immediate danger such as an active war zone. Team Syria also has large Gospel centered gatherings to share Christ and teach the Bible to them. In Syria, the believers classify an orphan as one who lost their father, and their mother is unable to provide for them. Some of them have lost both parents and have no one to adopt them since the relatives have been lost too.

The Long-Range Goal is to train the Next Generation Church of Syria. The team is selecting 70 children and teens who were Sunni Muslims, 70 former Alawites, and 70 former Druze, who are now believers to be the Foundation of the church in each group. This may be the most significant work in all of Syria! The Team is investing in Bibles and training materials, as well as teaching them how to disciple others and plant new churches. 

Uncharted is supporting 75 children at $40 per month. The Team in Syria wants to expand to 140 children this year.

Goal: Support 65 refugee children at $40 per month

Cost: $31,200

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