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Uncharted Ministries: Holocaust Survivors 

Uncharted Ministries is taking the Gospel to the least reached among Jews and Muslims, and those off the beaten path who have no access to the GospelTelling the real stories behind the headlines of God’s amazing transforming work around the world.

The majority of Holocaust Survivors are atheists. They all lost hope during the horrors of the WWII genocide at the hands of Nazi Germany. In Israel today, the Holocaust Survivor population will be gone in 5-7 years. In 2017, there were 150,000 Survivors left in Israel and they were dying at a rate of 15,000 per year. The Uncharted team in Israel has seen a new receptivity to Jesus over the last few years. 

Two years ago, over 80 Holocaust Survivors came to faith in Christ and many of them were baptized in the Jordan River! Israeli believers lead this dynamic ministry with Bible Studies, gatherings during holy days like Passover, in-home visits, zoom calls, special banquets, food distribution, and several other ways to share the Good News of Jesus. Every meeting, the gospel is shared.  Many of the Holocaust Survivors who have given their hearts to Christ meet in small house churches. The Uncharted team is divided into four major regions of Israel where Survivors live: Jerusalem, Galilee, The Mediterranean Coast, and The Negev Desert.  This is a high-impact ministry and there is little time left. Pray for Holocaust Survivors in Israel to come to faith in Christ. Their time is short!

The Uncharted budget is $200,000 per year and it covers 1. Paying the salary of  four couples who lead the regional outreaches in the Galilee, Jerusalem area, Mediterranean Coast, and the Negev Desert. 2. Paying for rentals of facilities to meet in weekly. 3. Providing Food and clothing for the Survivors who are very poor. 4. Hosting special gospel events for all Israeli holidays. 5.  Retreats throughout Israel. 6. Transportation to all events. 7. Materials for the weekly Bible Studies all throughout Israel. 8. Covering the expenses of the large volunteer force.

It’s our hope to expand our staff even more to grow and extend the outreach of the Holocaust Survivor Ministry. The work load and the needs warrant two couples in each region and we pray for the Lord’s blessing and an additional $100,000 per year to meet the demand. According to the Israeli Comptroller, within 5-7 years there will be no more Holocaust Survivors left in Israel. 

Goal: $100,000 to expand staff to extend outreach of the Holocaust Survivor Industry

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