Project Description

Uncharted Ministries – Afghanistan

100x’s Harvest is generously funding three impactful initiatives in some of the most dangerous places in the world-Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine. Lives are being transformed for Christ amid a Taliban government takeover in Afghanistan, the economic and political collapse of Syria, and the brutal war in Ukraine.

There is harsh persecution of Christians in Afghanistan and Syria which is why so much of what is happening with the gospel is facilitated by the underground church and in Ukraine, pastors and Christian leaders are overwhelmed by the needs of their suffering people.

But as the Apostle Paul said: “And because I preach the Good News, I am suffering and have been chained like a criminal. But the word of God cannot be chained.” II Tim 2:9 NLT


In the last few weeks, the Taliban has clamped down even more on the few rights women have maintained under their hostile government takeover:

Officially it is illegal now for girls to receive schooling once they reach secondary education. This was declared months ago but then due to outside pressure, the Taliban lifted the ban and publicized it to gain favor with the outside world. It has quietly now been reinstated as an ongoing policy that no girl 6th grade or up can be educated.

Women are now barred from working with NGO’s. World Vision and some other ministries that they will pull out of Afghanistan all together.

Uncharted was participating in rescues when the initiative launched and we maintained 17 safehouse/holding tanks until believers, the vulnerable, and those at high risk to be sex trafficked were transported to other countries. That need has been reduced praise God!

Our ministry has now turned with the great help of 100x’s Harvest to the rebuilding of underground church in Afghanistan which was the 2nd fastest growing church per capita in the world until the Taliban takeover.

*The Lydia Project has been launched by Uncharted to teach girls from the middle school through high school. We sponsor a Kabul school that started with 50 girls and is now at 300! There are a few other underground schools and now the national total of girls is being trained is over 600. Praise God!

The teachers are born again believers and all from a Muslim background! The girls are not only receiving a solid education but are coming to faith in Christ. They are the next generation of mothers in Afghanistan and the spiritual roots in Christ they are growing are essential for the health of the church as it moves forward.

All of this is being done with great risk to the girls, their families, and the teachers. The bravery of the women teachers and leaders will be rewarded in Heaven one day.

*Leadership Centers for College Graduates are up and running across Afghanistan and this also is led by believers and even though the Bible is not quoted in class, it is outside of class as young Afghans are very open to the claims of Christ! This ministry in the last 20 years has laid the foundation for the underground church. There are many salvations that occur. So far, it has been officially accepted as an NGO by the Taliban and this is the power of God at work that evangelism and discipleship is taking place. It is one of the great Jesus miracles in Afghanistan!

*A Medical Clinic is also being hosted by believers at a University in Kabul. This is a golden opportunity to personally visit with hundreds of Muslims and to show them the love of Christ. The Taliban has just moved the clinic from Kabul University for an unidentified reason but are allowing it at another University in Kabul.


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